JCI – Young Flemish Entrepreneur 2019 Promo Video

Videography – Digital Storytelling for JCI Flanders (Junior Chamber International) is part of an international network uniting high potentials, business leaders and entrepreneurs between 18 and 40 that strive for positive change both on a personal and professional level. In Flanders, JCI is active in the 5 provinces and Brussels. Each year, a JCI award is presented to the entrepreneur that has proven himself or herself to be the most innovative or exceptional, based upon a number of pillars that JCI deems important.


Prior to the award show, each Flemish province chooses his or her most suitable candidate, meaning that 5 young entrepreneurs were also this year eligible to win the prestigious award. In the run-up to the official award show that took place on the 6th of June 2019, every candidate had the chance to present himself/herself in 5 individual promo videos as well as (more briefly) in a general video commercial for the JCI Young Flemish Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2019.

NOTE: Only the general commercial is visible on my website. Check it out!


JCI - Young Flemish Entrepreneur 2019 finalists


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